How it works

See how works. 

The algorithm improves the availability and quality of product data for e-commerce by using a range of AI techniques to scan product datasets to find inconsistencies, anomalies, doublures, and unlikely data values.

1. Upload your Excel file

Drag your Excel file with product information into the tool.

2. The algorithm does the hard work for you

The algorithm finds inconsistencies, anomalies, doublures, and unlikely data values.

3. Manual validation

The users can validate the matches features and values manually for full control.

Complementary services

We are not all equally technically minded or there is simply not enough time. That is not a problem, because we are strong in several areas. We notice that there is a greater need for additional services. Below you will find what these are, how we approach this and what the benefits are.

Real-time insights

A dashboard providing a real-time overview of your current data, conversions and structures.

API Link

Never manually import or export your data again with a direct link to your API.

WEBINAR: Automatiseer het schrijven van productbeschrijvingen

Werk slimmer met behulp van intelligente algoritmes

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