Kaemingk: Text Extraction

Kaemingk is a leading importer and exporter of seasonal decorative items. With a team of about 450 employees, Kaemingk presents the most innovative home decoration collections for Christmas, spring / summer, Easter and Valentine’s Day every season. The range includes more than 20,000 decorative items for home and garden which are displayed in showrooms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States. We supply thousands of professional customers in more than 80 countries.


Thanks to the current PIM system that Kaemingk uses, the product data is contained in a maximum of 8 product properties. Due to the increasing products and wishes of the customers, they are replacing this PIM system and it is being updated to an environment in which more properties can be contained. However, these properties must be converted to a list of individual product properties. Because this manually takes a lot of time, Kaemingk was looking for a smart software solution where the product data can be identified and extracted in an easy and clear manner.


The PowerImprove.ai solution from Squadra machine Learning Company uses artificial intelligence to understand the different phrases, spellings and abbreviations and knows how to identify and use them in a smart way for Kaemingk. As a result, the product characteristics are automatically extracted from the long product descriptions, which are presented to product data stewards for validation.
The system is trained on the Kaemingk data model and in the languages in which the products are described. A data steward can also add rules that make the extraction even smarter.


With the help of the PowerImprove.ai software, Kaemingk can include the products faster and better in its range with more specifications. The result is that more products have a richer specification and can therefore be sold faster and easier. This saves a lot of time compared to entering the properties manually. This saves time and money and ensures a higher turnover.

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