Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself chains Gamma and Karwei. In the Netherlands and Belgium, Intergamma has been the undisputed number one in the do-it-yourself market for years with almost 400 DIY stores. Squadra Machine Learning Company carried out a proof-of-concept at Intergamma to see whether errors in the data could be identified and possibly solved with smart algorithms.


With regard to data quality, Intergamma faced challenges on the one hand because the data was not always complete, and on the other hand the data was not always correct. A POC was carried out to see whether Squadra Machine Learning Company can support Intergamma in improving data quality. In this POC two SaaS products from Machine Learning Company were implemented, namely and, both part of a group of SaaS products called the PowerSuite. is a software in which smart algorithms use a range of AI techniques to scan product data sets for inconsistencies, anomalies, duplications and improbable data values. is a software that can automatically add extra features to product data by means of texts, images, and smart scraping of PDFs and websites.


With it was possible to check whether Intergamma products were classified correctly, whether contradictory data was present in the product data, and whether there were outliers present in the product data. With it was possible to increase the fillrate of the Intergamma data file by automatically extracting product attributes from texts.

To visualize the work of these SaaS products, a Business Intelligence dashboard was created. This PowerBI dashboard showed the product groups, the fill rate per product group, and it was also possible to go into further detail and see a complete list of attributes per product.

This way, it is possible to detect where the problems arise, for example is there a specific supplier responsible for the products with a low fill rate, or is there simply a request for such a complicated property that it is difficult to figure out the correct value. At Intergamma, even some mandatory fields were also not filled in, something that was illustrated on this dashboard so that this could be improved. The image below shows that, for example, many mandatory fields have not yet been filled in for the roller shutter product category.

Intergamma’s wish was to be able to deal with the above mentioned problems in a smarter way in the future, which is why alerts were set up. These alerts indicate wrongful data, immediately when new products arrive. A typical example of an outlier is shown below, namely a power strip of more than a meter wide. This is of course most likely not the correct size.

In the example below, a missing value has been detected, namely the weight attribute is not filled in.


Using our software, Intergamma can now automatically clean datasets with contaminated data. This results in enormous time savings and benefits product data related processes. It also helps the customer because in this way the websites of Gamma and Karwei are provided with correct data.

The software is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), and is part of a group of SaaS products called the PowerSuite. For more information or an appointment, please contact us at or +31 (0) 85 065 3780.

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