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Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself chains Gamma and Karwei. In the Netherlands and Belgium, Intergamma has been the undisputed number one in the do-it-yourself market for years with almost 400 DIY stores. Machine Learning Company carried out a proof-of-concept at Intergamma to see whether errors in the data could be identified and solved using smart algorithms.

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Technische Unie

Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesaler in the Netherlands. With 2,000 employees, Technische Unie unburdens its customers with specialist knowledge of products, total solutions and a wide product range. Squadra Machine Learning Company did a proof-of-concept at Technische Unie to investigate whether errors in the data could be detected and possibly rectified with smart algorithms.

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Heinen & Hopman

Over the years, Heinen & Hopman has grown into an international market leader in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning + Refrigeration systems (HVAC+R systems). Heinen & Hopman has a number of challenges in the field of product data quality, and Squadra Machine Learning Company has used a combination of two proprietary software products to support in this.

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